John Sinclair – 7 minutes and 7 movements for better life.

One of the most knowledgable guys I know. Like every true educator, John is endlessly curious and never stops learning. He has worked closely with top tool developer Michol Dalcourt at VIPr for many years and recently had developed a program of “Micro Training Sessions” called 7 Movements. If you want to know where the

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The Serape – connecting with core power

Ok so the human flag is a bit of stunt, sort of like a one armed handstand it’s not so much “functional” as it is fun. What feats of movement require more than anything else is a strong co-ordinated core. A core that is both stable to efficiently translate the force of contra laterally moving limbs

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Use the Force

Fitness folks laughed at the Shake Weight, we also despaired when we saw them everywhere, in stores and on TV. What a triumph of gimmicky marketing garbage that was, classic nonsense masquerading as innovation. There has been so much of that type of thing in fitness over the years it’s become more difficult for truly

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Train as you play !

Training is; needs, breaking down, new patterns,  recovery, specific, holistic, stress, relaxation, an approach. Train as you work, train as you live, train as you play ! When you play most sports , speed and agility are highest among the abilities that separate skill levels. Speed and agility start with feet and legs trained to

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Resilience is Victory

My dad called it getting clocked. During 40 seasons of rugby I saw stars come out in the daytime more than once. I know what it is to get clocked, to get my bell rung. Some seasons I played a bit in the front row where a strong neck was vital to withstand the pressures

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Connection is the Nature of Things

Boy there are a lot of poorly designed fitness tools on the market !  So often it seems poor thought is put into equipment design by businesses who spend more time thinking about money than making things right ! Anyone who knows me will tell you, I’m not a hater. I’m a doer, a creator,

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A Guide to APT Do’s & Don’ts

Life is risky business, and while movement is inherently risky, a life with too little movement is even riskier, movement is life. Everything is risk and reward, in fitness practice itʼs pretty much all good until itʼs bad. The most important safety aspects of Anchor Point Training are associated with how the anchor itself is created, the

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The Nature of Elastic Resistance

The force of elastic resistance increases as the band is stretched. When one end of the elastic resistance band is anchored the resistance gets progressively stronger as the connection point is moved away from the anchored point. This movement creates a vector of elastic resistance between the anchored point and the connection point that gets stronger as the resistance band is stretched. This means when

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What is Anchor Point Training?

Anchor Point Training is an evolving convenient, effective, smart approach to fitness. Anchor Point Training (APT) is about working functionally, mostly on your feet, using versatile dimensions of vectored resistance. Anchor Point training is about convenient enjoyable training where and when you want to train. The state of the art tools you will find here have been patiently

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