Fragile to Agile Progression Pyramid

People age at different rates for a host of reasons.

Trainers specializing in the needs of 50+ population need strategies to progress people for a wide variety of needs from a wide range of starting points.

Here’s an idea I’ve been working on. There’s a certain overlap in levels of this pyramid as you progress and progression doesn’t mean stopping programming for the base levels.

I think you could also make the case that Co-ordinated and Reactive can be and should be introduced slowly and with stability.

This is to say learning a practice of anchored resisted movement, learning training full body resistance from the ground up is an effective way to progress from Slow and Stable to Fast, Co-ordinated and Reactive.

It is the integrated aspect of this approach to resistance training that makes it such a useful one to master. Develop co-ordinated strength in all dimensions, simple to progress variable work rates and scalable resistance.

BTW fun announcement I’m working on a new book !!

“The Big Book of Anchor Point Training Exercises” – 250 Illustrated Resisted Movement Exercises, will be available in several formats this fall!!!