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Despite a less than slick website please know APT is state-of-the-art training gear, leading-edge designs, quality, and value for professionals.

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There are 24 products and packages offered here.

Various tools have been designed and evolved for a variety of training needs.

Everything you see here is in stock.

So much of what can be done is a function of tool design…three basic connections always influence the forces created with anchored resistance; the anchor point(s), how you connect with the anchored resistance, and your connection to the ground.

APT designs seek to optimize these ever-present connections.

All the various widths, strengths, and lengths of APT resistance bands are warp-knit elasticized webbing. This construction of webbing bands is comfortable, durable, and safe, also washable, and won’t leave your hands and clothes smelling of rubber.

The first number in the product descriptions of APT webbing bands indicates the width of the band, and the second number is the length of the band.

The S-Band is our most recent band design. Compared to a loop band of similar length the S-Band provides a more gradual change in resistance. This product feature accommodates longer ranges of motion and provides a wider range of resistances. Heavy bands significantly benefit from the more precise and gradual change in resistance provided.

Our double-wide handle features on several of our products. The APT double-wide handle offers versatile connection options with bands, flywheels, or cabled resistance. The extra handle width of the APT suspension strap eliminates the uncomfortable arm rub pressing with single-handle straps.

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Some other notes –

  • If you want to train with resistance on your feet and have a safe pole,  training rig, wall anchors, or a door to anchor to, the 3.75/96 and the APT suspension strap are great tools to consider. These two tools offer 3-dimensional resistance, scalable body weight and elastic resistance, with tremendous functional versatility in possible connections to the anchored resistance.
  • A library of exercises and workouts using 3.75/96 Band and APT Suspension Strap is free on the FITBANX app.
  • If you are an athlete, the Prowler Loop and the 1,5/18 S BAND are a tremendous combination to train with. The Prowler is designed for training power and reactive footwork, it is very safe for resisted sprints at the end range and provides bare skin comfort as a belt or harness. A truly next-level athletic training piece with great performance and injury prevention possibilities.
  • The unique benefit of the 1.5/18 S BAND is it stays in place when worn over the knees and will not slip off the foot if worn around the ankles. This is safer, more precise, and particularly helpful for hip flexors/abductors/glutes. Offering different sizing and resistances of the unique S Band design opens up training possibilities. The S Bands program is a toolbox of specific lengths and strengths to train in 3 dimensions effectively and conveniently.
  • In the longer lengths, the unique resistance characteristic of the S-Band provides a more consistent change of resistance early in the range of motion. A more precise and gradual change in resistance means longer ranges of motion and the ability of each band to accommodate a wider range of exercises.
  • The APT Harness is one size fits all, can be used with any 41″ loop bands, and is ideal for plyometric leg training…anywhere.
  • Longer bands have a more gradual change in resistance, wider bands have a slightly longer range.
  • All webbing bands have a uniquely useful fixed-end range at about 2X their resting length. This means even the lightest band can be used as a strap for training overcoming isometrics, an effective, convenient, and safe way to use resistance to train strength.

If you’re a trainer the APT education program is accredited with ISSA and The Functional Aging Institute. Check out the Practice tab links for some interviews, blogs and training content.

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  • Home System with APT Unbreakable Band 2.8 – Heavy

  • Home System with APT Unbreakable Band 2.8 – Light

  • 3.75 Unbreakable Band 96 – Heavy – Package

  • 3.75 Unbreakable Band 96 – Light – Package

  • 3.75 Unbreakable Band 60 – Light – Package

  • APT Suspension Strap – Pink

  • APT Suspension Strap

  • 4.0 Prowler Loop 96 Heavy

  • 3.75 Unbreakable Band 96 – Heavy

  • 4.0/96 Prowler Loop Medium

  • 3.75 Unbreakable Band 96 – Light

  • 1.5/41 Isoband Package

  • Anchor Belt

  • APT Leg Training Harness

  • 3.0/50 S Band Heavy

  • 3.0/50 S Band Medium