The Four Agreements of Fitness

The idea there is a “best” overall type of fitness training is pretty much nonsense. Each established approach has a reason for being. It’s hard to go wrong learning any well-developed approach to fitness training.

The REAL key to personal success is not a specific type of training.  The TRUE key to progress is an approach to training that is a “PRACTICE”.

A fitness practice has four fundamental elements; Intention, Consistency, Enjoyment, and Evolution. Get these four basics dialed and you are on your way to a lifetime of better movement, well being, and health.


A good intention clothes itself with powerRalph Waldo Emerson

Consider – What do you want to accomplish? What are your needs? Do you appreciate what different types of training can do for you?

Why do you want to start training? Do you play a sport? Are you having pain? Do you need to reclaim your health?

Do you want to enjoy life more, improve your mood? Want to travel, play with your grandchildren?

Intentions are the foundation of practice, a practice that progresses your real wants and needs supports your consistency.

Get clear on your intentions, all of them.


“It’s not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives. “ Tony Robbins

The key to your success, regardless of the type of training you practice, will be consistency. To set yourself up for success, fit training into your daily routine. Intentional training/moving every day is ideal. It is very helpful to train with a partner or to have a coach.

Morning routines set you up for high energy throughout the day, after work is a great way to destress, a short burst during the day increases productivity and creativity.

The key to consistency starts with appreciating how training can support you every day. The uplift of daily training becomes part of who you are and how you are in the world. Consistency does NOT mean lots of repetition or long workouts.

For health and progress, it’s simply the habit of some intentional daily movement that needs to be consistent. 

Make training as convenient and enjoyable as possible, create accountability and a schedule.


“Enjoyment is an incredible energizer to the human spirit.” John C Maxwell

There’s a good reason 90% of people don’t go to gyms and most people don’t train at all. One of the great disservices fitness marketing has done to public health is promote the idea that training is all about “no pain no gain”.

Grit is admirable for competition but truly not required for having an amazing fitness practice. 

There are so many enjoyable ways to get stronger, to learn to move better and enjoy longer healthier lives. The process of mastering any approach to training makes it more effective and more enjoyable.

Enjoyment comes with consistency and experience.

Two tips; find beautiful places to train, train with people you enjoy being with. You are going to look forward to training times and you are going to have more enjoyable hours in your life.

Life is only as good as you feel.


Evolution is the fundamental idea in all of life science – in all of biology.”  Bill Ny

When your intentions are clear and your actions consistent, your practice will evolve. 

There are many aspects of fitness that can be progressed. Just like in sports there are many ways to keep score. 

How you progress is about your goals. What does progress look like to you? Is progress being better at a sport or enjoying an activity? Is progress staying energetic and pain-free in your 60s? Is it overcoming injury or disability? Is it learning a new skill? 

Practice integrates your wants and needs with consistent enjoyable training. Once you start having a practice it is sure to progress and evolve.

You may enjoy a variety of approaches or activities, you may enjoy mastering one approach or learning many, it’s all good.

Serve your intentions, be consistent, enjoy the journey.