Train as you play !

Training is; needs, breaking down, new patterns,  recovery, specific, holistic, stress, relaxation, an approach. Train as you work, train as you live, train as you play !

When you play most sports , speed and agility are highest among the abilities that separate skill levels. Speed and agility start with feet and legs trained to create and withstand sudden forces in many dimensions co-ordinated with the whole body and senses to move these limbs efficiently, quickly and safely.

One really good use of anchored elastic resistance is training legs in many dimensions. The gradual increase in resistance of the long band is particularly useful for this type of training. Using different ways to harness to the resistance is going to create different demands and provide different possibilities. Belts vs harnesses is the basic choice. There are different advantages with both connection approaches. There are also useful ways to add oscillation and skipping with the long bands. These are interesting ways to train accelerated landings, certainly more real world specific training dimensions than jumping off boxes. You’ll get a sense of that from this short demo video.

We will be creating full on programming for these legs moves , in many cases they will be presented with sports specific training as well. You’ll be seeing some interesting Lacrosse work pretty soon and it’s in the cards for more martial arts to be getting done soon as well. Trainers that already have this equipment are working on some really useful applications for the equipment , we really look forward to presenting that.

Move yourself better,