High Low Anchored Bands Workout

Here’s a breakdown of the workout using the APT Wide Webbing Bands anchored Hi/Lo with the APT Double Loop Door Anchor.

There are several benefits to training with longer anchored bands;

1 – variety in dimensions of resistance with longer ranges of motion

2 – the ability to train many patterns

3 – the ability to train ground forces integrated with full-body resistance

This type of training is scalable in complexity, resistance, and pace. This versatility makes it highly effective for convenient training of everything from athletic performance to regaining function.

This 19 movement workout gets done in less than 20 minutes at pace but could be stretched nicely to 30 minutes with many of the same exercises done more slowly for different strength demands or done in a version of a  “max reps over time” structure.

The variety inherent with these tools includes offering different connections, vectors of resistance, in different patterns, and sequences.

These features open up tremendous efficiency and the ability to train specific needs.

BTW – The first edition of the Big Book of APT Exercises will be ready later this fall, featuring 100 movements each with Suspension Straps and Resistance Bands.

1 – Alternate Rows Horse Stance – feet a bit wider than hips, toe point matters and can be varied for comfort and variety, set up and maintain resistance on one side while other side moves for strength approach (core anti-rotation and time under tension) or faster paced reciprocation for more cardio approach.

2 – Alternate Press Horse Stance – same stance as above, again maintain press on one side while moving the other, don’t lock out to maintain time under tension. (this idea gets wonderfully progressed later in the program)

3 – Bilateral Row Alternate Back Lunge – start with resistance, slight forward lean with the row, feel the press on the front foot

4 – Bilateral Press Alternate Front Lunge – start with resistance, eyes on the horizon, control full range, feel the press off the back foot, consider the orientation of the foot

5 – Alternate Ipsilateral Row with Open Stance Lunge – start with resistance, knees bent, row across the body, resist the return, maintain constant tension

6 – Alternate Ipsilateral Press with Front Lunge – start with resistance, slight forward hinge at end range

7 – Alternate Contralateral Row with Back Lunge – more challenging for balance, slight forward hinge with each row

8 – Alternate Contralateral Press Front Lunge – start with resistance, drive off back foot, slight forward hinge at end range

9 – Rowing Circles with Alternate Side Lunge Alternate – start with resistance adjust and maintain tension, make circles as wide as possible, Backward circles and forward circles alternate side, circles as large as possible

10 – Pushing  – start with hands in front of chest elbows bent (not fully extended), use alternate first step, control the return

11 – Rotation Wide Stance – orient side on the to anchor, start with some resistance, knees slightly bent, keep eyes on hands

12 – Alternate Row Curl Open Stance Lunge – move the hands together or row first then curl second, lean away for extra resistance at end range of curl

13 – Small Pressing Circles Pushing with Side Steps – start with tension, get up on

14 – Single Handle Alternate Ipsilateral Row/Lunge Contralateral Press/Lunge – start slowly, try to keep resistance on the band through entire movement, start with the row, moving to the press step forward keeping tension on the band with hand close to body and pivot of the front forefoot to the press with back leg on the open stance lunge becoming front leg on the contralateral press

15/16 – Alternate Unilateral Biceps Curl/Triceps Pushdown Horse Stance – Key is to keep elbows low and as tight as possible to upper body, variations through the set include curling to either shoulder and driving heel into center line for triceps press down flaring wrist straight back or to the side will ad variety

17 – Ipsilateral Press Hold/Lunge, Contralateral Forward and Backward Circles – slight forward hinge, adjust size of circles from large to small backward to forwards

18 – Bilateral Triceps Kickbacks Alternate Back Lunge Progressing to Alternate Open Stance Lunge – slight forward hinge, drive hands down and back, alternate back lunges with hands coming down outside legs progressing alternate open stance lunges with hands coming between legs

19 – Isometric Press Alternate High Knees – keep hands in front, arms bent, get up on toes, knees high