Anchor Point Training Tools

I apologize. It’s a lot. Marketing experts tell me a lot of choices make it hard for folks to decide.

I love selling no mistake,  my obsession, though, is anchored resistance tools, especially bands.

Since 2010 I’ve been designing the best bands I can for the needs I understand.

If you want to master training with bands, if you are an athlete, each of these designs has something to offer you.

Regardless, master ANY APT tool and it can stand alone or contribute to a great program.

The most convenient and easiest bands to start with are 41″ and 14″ lengths. They are designed for self anchoring, a three pack of each of these lengths in the 1.5 width will give you every resistance you need for every exercise you can do with these tools. If you’re just getting started this is your best bet. Learn to train with these pieces and you’ll be able to build a strong movement with enjoyable resistance anywhere, anytime.

If you want to train more vectors of resistance and you have a pole a rig, wall anchors or a door to anchor, the 3.75/96 and the APT suspension strap are the tools to consider. They offer the most versatile connections to and dimensions of resistance.

If you are an athlete the Prowler Loop is the best athletic training band I’ve ever made. It is the best reactive footwork piece by far, the safest for resisted sprints, and bare skin comfortable as a belt or harness. A truly next-level piece with tons of sports-specifc performance and injury prevention possibilities.

A general note; longer bands have a more gradual change in resistance, wider bands have a slightly longer range and all webbing bands have a fixed end range at about 2X their resting length.

Webbing is the future of bands in our opinion. The material is bare skin comfort, durable, safe, and washable, and elastic webbing’s end range properties offer unique useful possibilities.

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  • 3.75 Unbreakable Band 96 – Heavy – Package

  • 3.75 Unbreakable Band 96 – Light – Package

  • 3.75 Unbreakable Band 60 – Heavy – Package

  • 3.75 Unbreakable Band 60 – Light – Package

  • APT Suspension Strap – Pink

  • APT Suspension Strap

  • 4.0 Prowler Loop 96 Heavy

  • 3.75 Unbreakable Band 96 – Heavy

  • 3.75 Unbreakable Band 96 – Light

  • 3.75 Prowler Loop 192 – Heavy

  • 3.75 Unbreakable Band 60 – Heavy

  • 3.75 Prowler Loop 192 – Light

  • 3.75 Unbreakable Band 60 – Light

  • 1.5 Iso Band 41 – Package – Pink

  • 1.5 Iso Band 41 Package

  • 3.75 Iso Band 50 Heavy