Anchor Point Training Tools

You have needs…we offer choices. Smart choices for the gym, clinic, and home.

If you are a young or mature athlete or if you just want enjoyable convenient effective training you’re in the right place.

The most convenient and easiest bands to start with are 41″ and 14″ loop lengths. They are designed for self-anchoring, a three-pack of each of these lengths in the 1.5″ width will give you every resistance you need for every exercise you can do with these tools. If you’re just getting started this is your best bet. Self-anchoring with these two band loop lengths is easy and very convenient. You’ll be able to enjoy training efficiently and effectively anywhere. If you can get consistent big progress is inevitable. Convenient training can really help you get a routine established.

If you want to train with more vectors of resistance (particularly helpful for athletes and active aging programs) and you have a sturdy pole, a training rig, wall anchors, or a door to anchor, the 3.75/96 and the APT suspension strap are great tools to consider. Together they offer two distinct types of scalable resistance both with great versatility in connections to, and dimensions of, resistance.

If you are an athlete the Prowler Loop is the best athletic training band we’ve ever made.

The Prowler is awesome for power and reactive footwork, very safe for resisted sprints at the end range, and bare skin comfortable as a belt or harness. A truly next-level athletic training piece with great performance and injury prevention possibilities.

A general note; longer bands have a more gradual change in resistance, wider bands have a slightly longer range and all webbing bands have a fixed end range at about 2X their resting length.

Webbing is the future of bands in our opinion. The material offers bare skin comfort. It’s durable, safe, and washable, and the fixed-end range of webbing offers isometric training options.

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BTW If you need equipment for your gym, are a retailer, or are interested to become a distributor please reach out, we would love to work with you.

  • 3.75 Unbreakable Band 96 – Heavy – Package

  • 3.75 Unbreakable Band 96 – Light – Package

  • 3.75 Unbreakable Band 60 – Light – Package

  • APT Suspension Strap – Pink

  • APT Suspension Strap

  • 4.0 Prowler Loop 96 Heavy

  • 3.75 Unbreakable Band 96 – Heavy

  • 4.0/96 Prowler Loop Medium

  • 3.75 Unbreakable Band 96 – Light

  • 3.75 Unbreakable Band 60 – Light

  • 1.5 Iso Band 41 Package

  • APT Cable Handles

  • 3.0/50 Iso Band Heavy

  • 3.0/50 Iso Band Medium

  • 3.0 Iso Band 41 – Heavy

  • 1.5 Iso Band 14 – Package