APT Leg Training Harness


Heavy duty high compression support straps, 7″ wide cross on the back, 3″ wide shoulder and rib strap support, comfortable, one size fits all, quick-drying 2″ synthetic harness.

*The design provides for wearable adjustable angles of pull and adjustments of harness height to progress/regress resistance with self anchored resistance bands.

*One size fits all.

* Well used with cabled resistance, flywheels, and sleds.

* Worn with the D Rings facing down, the red tab on the left, when anchoring for vertical resistance to train squats, lunges with foot-anchored bands, low anchored flywheels, and cables.

*Worn with the red tab on the right when anchoring for drags, with sleds, cables, and flywheels.

* The Anchor Point height of the D Rings can be adjusted to accommodate a 12″ range and can be used with a wide variety of resistance band strengths and lengths

*When bands are anchored from feet to D Drings one on each side of the harness, the resistance provides posterior dominant work.

*When bands are anchored from the feet to the harness together in the center, the resistance provides quad-dominant work.

* The harness with band combination provides safe plyometric leg training.

*The harness leaves hands free for stabilization or to add load… or both.

*D Rings designed to accommodate easy on and off with 1.5″ webbing bands