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From Chris Severs founder of Anchor Point Training

Dear Fellow AdvoCare Enthusiast,

Do you want faster and better results and a sense of vitality from exercise, but you are short on time?

Do you sometimes feel almost overwhelmed trying to juggle your life, your nutrition, and your fitness?

Do you struggle with even finding time for your workouts to begin with?

Who doesn’t?!

Maybe you have heard all the buzz around “functional training” from a personal trainer or from your local CrossFit box, but you don’t really see how you can benefit since it seems so complex and even intimidating (not to mention, expensive).

Maybe you’re tired of the gym culture and you want to get out of the box altogether.

Maybe in the pursuit of support, you’ve already hired a trainer or joined a group, maybe in the pursuit of convenience you’ve tried a a fitness gadget that just didn’t work or invested in an expensive training machine that became boring as your results stagnated.

Your are like millions of Americans who are being very poorly served by the “fitness Industry”. I don’t blame you. It’s not your fault!

There is a LOT of garbage out there, there is lots of good marketing of bad products and programs. Expensive machines that get boring fast, gimmicky gadgets and even super aggressive programs that get results but are not sustainable.

In the end, what drives most fitness marketing is short-lived, flash-in-the-pan trends that don’t produce the kind of long-term results, success, and ultimate well-being that a functional sustainable healthy fitness practice should provide.

And the key word there is “practice.” Not a once-a-year health kick spurred on by your New Year’s Resolution, and not a short-term quick-fix routine that will soon become stale, leaving you bored and disappointed. What we all need is simply a progressable fitness practice that becomes an enjoyable habit.

The solution to your problem is closer than it appears.

The market is not all bad, sometimes the market produces truly innovative quality, tools and approaches that stand the test of time, becoming a welcome part of your life.

A good fitness practice that will get you the results efficiently and can evolve needs to have a few important qualities.

First, it needs to be effective, evolving, and enjoyable.

Effective so that you get good results. If it doesn’t work, then you are just wasting your time. There are plenty of ways to waste time that are a lot more enjoyable than ineffective exercise programs.

Best practice is getting you the best results for the time you invest.

Best practice needs to be evolving so that your body is always kept challenged so you don’t hit an exercise plateau and cease to get results. It has to adapt to your needs and be able to start where you are, at your fitness level.

In order to have progressive results, you need progressive levels of challenge and resistance, both physiologically and neurologically, not just this year, but for the rest of your life. You need your program to evolve to your needs, for life.

And that leads us to the enjoyable. The fact is if you don’t enjoy your exercise practice you just aren’t going to stay with it. You will quit. It happens all the time. In fact, the more effective and evolving the practice is, the more convenient it is, the more you are able to fit it into your life, the more you are able to practice in enjoyable places, the more likely you are to enjoy it.

Once you have achieved a basic level of expertise you will become fascinated with all of the many ways you can use the APT Suspension Strap to get better results.

Speaking of results, what if your new exercise practice was scalable to any level? How do you think that would help you to meet specific goals? What if you wanted to improve in a specific area of sport or leisure activity? For example, if you’re a tennis player, but you know that you need to strengthen knees and ankles to be able to take on a lateral load stopping and starting without getting hurt?

A good exercise practice is going to be the perfect compliment for your sport and lifestyle. Whether you are a newbie or you are an NFL lineman, a good practice should help you get an amazing workout, scaled and tailored to your individual situation, body type, fitness, and experience.

A key to any lasting fitness practice is that it makes use of variety. Variety is the spice of life, and it is the “spark” of a good fitness practice. Without variety, you not only get bored, but your body may even get injured, as in the example of repetitive stress and overuse injuries. Repetition is diminishing returns, of course you need to work but over-training in many popular fitness approaches occurs all the time. Over use in any range of motion can wear joints out and create serious long term damage that diminishes mobility.

Doing smart work is about using repetition to achieve skills and variety to spread the load across your body in all functional ranges of motion to give you fresh work, faster adaptation, training a stronger mind and body while reducing injury and increasing longevity.

See, best practice it isn’t just training your body. You can train a stronger mind too. Best fitness practice actually uses movement variety to build a stronger network of motor pathways in the brain. A stronger neural network creates denser white matter, yeah a dense brain is actually a good thing.

Working your mind and body together by progressing movement patterns provides superior results strengthening neural pathways to create better co-ordination and ability to move well in all dimensions.

Finally, your best exercise and fitness practice should to be portable (so you can do it anywhere), time effective, fast, easy, and stress-free.

Having the convenience to create an effective workout in the time you have and the place you have means fitting your practice into your life. This is going to be more effective because you can be more consistent and you can reduce some of the stresses of time. That is exactly what a good fitness practice should do; motivate you to evolve into a better version of yourself on a consistent basis so that you can achieve your health and fitness goals.

Being able to practice enjoyable resisted movement, where and when you want is a massive step in the right direction. One of the things I love about this practice is being able to train in inspiring places. I train most mornings with my gear attached to a lifeguard tower on the beach. The emotional boost I get from that, the elevation of my spirit, is simply an awesome way to start my day.

How did this program develop?
It’s been quite a journey.

I opened a gym in 2007 and started to train people using some of the approaches that kept me fit enough to stay competitive into my 50’s as a rugby player. I had progressive ideas about how to train with anchored resistance. I became frustrated by the limited capabilities of the tools being marketed by the fitness industry. There were so many expensive gadgets and gimmicks, so many limited poorly made designs.

Fitness is a huge industry that attracts a lot of sharp operators, quick buck artists and big time marketing companies flogging products that don’t work or expensive machines that end up being clothes hangers in people’s bedrooms.

No mistake… Hamster wheels work, almost anything works, but jeez who wants to train like a hamster, how enjoyable and stainable is that? Better is always possible folks!

I knew that better truly was possible and what people really needed from the fitness industry was a training approach that was not only convenient and enjoyable but also met the different training needs of people of different ages, abilities and who enjoyed different sports. A training approach that could serve any ability or need, an evolved fitness practice with all of the features I listed above.

In 2009 I decided to make it my life’s work to create better tools and training approaches. I knew with better designs and understanding all the benefits of using anchored resistance for progressive movement training could be made available to anyone, anywhere.

I devoted myself entirely to mastering this approach and becoming a world expert on anchored resistance. I’m well past 10,000 hours now.

The first big turning point was when I sold my gym in Quebec in 2012 and moved to Southern California, the heartland of fitness innovation. The last few years have been an amazing journey that have allowed me to present the APT program to hundreds of trainers in 35 states and 5 provinces across the US and Canada.

Today, that dream has become Anchor Point Training, a full lifestyle approach to an ever-evolving and improving fitness practice, with state of the art equipment and education to help you take your fitness and quality of life to the next level.

What makes this different?

If you are somebody that already loves to train with suspension you will truly appreciate why our equipment design is state of the art. Our suspension design offers several key features.

The independently anchored straps allow you to transfer weight from hand to hand providing a much larger vocabulary of resisted movement possibilities than designs that offer unstable straps.

Our handle design is far and away the most versatile connection design available. Versatile connection is fundamental to getting the most from working with suspension.

Because our design is more versatile our programming is unique and can exploit the benefits of variety in resistance and movement patterns more effectively than any other suspension tool offered in the market, including many that are several times more expensive.

How Did I Get Involved With AdvoCare?

A good friend of mine introduced me to AdvoCare products in 2018 and I was really impressed with the quality of the products, the people involved, and the company itself.

I made them a part of my practice and it became apparent that they truly helped “anchor” my fitness regimen. Now, I want to invite you to anchor your nutrition and fitness along with me and thousands of others who are seeing serious results by combining diet, exercise, and supplementation.

My friend showed me how AdvoCare lines up perfectly with my philosophy. Many of the AdvoCare distributors teach about various pillars of healthy living, which include the five pillars of fitness.

The 5 Pillars of Fitness

Most people know the primary factors that you can control when it comes to health; namely, exercise, diet, stress, sleep, and supplementation, but the five pillars of fitness influence your practice at the highest level.

  • Strength
  • Endurance
  • Mobility
  • Body Composition
  • Lifestyle

The Anchor Point Training system helps you with all five of these at a very high level. I put together a complete package for you that provides everything you need to build your very own practice, meeting all the requirements listed above.

This is an exclusive APT SuspensionStrap offer only for AdvoCare customers and distributors. You won’t see this anywhere else!


The Exclusive Anchor for your Nutrition and Fitness

I know that smart progressive training is something anybody can be taught. You don’t need to join a cheap big box gym that you’ll likely never go to or hire a trainer that you can’t afford. You don’t need an expensive machine taking up space in your home and you sure don’t need some insane program that will drive you to exhaustion, yeesh how sustainable is that!

With this program, you’ll finally be able to:

  • Enjoy a high performing workout without having to waste time driving anywhere.
  • The ability to start your morning with an invigorating workout instead of having to climb into a cold car in the dark at 5:00 AM.
  • Have the luxury of time for your personal fitness practice and not feel stressed as you rush to make it out the door to work!
  • Feel great and get great results without having to treat fitness like a “grind.” (Despite the false rumors spread by the cosmetically enhanced fitness zealots, you do NOT need to hate your program. It does not have to be all about “no pain, no gain.”)
  • Enjoy being stronger, moving better with less pain, living longer, being more productive, learning how to train mind and body efficiently in the convenience of your home and in places that inspire you.
  • Set an example for your family—Let them see you progressing your training and enjoying an interesting practice that you grow to love and inspire others to do as well.

What You Get:

1. The unique Anchor Point Suspension Strap.
APT Suspension Strap offers more versatility in connection, resistance and anchoring capabilities than ANY other suspension strap design on the market.

Regular Price $115

2. The APT Double Loop Anchor Strap.
Allows you to attach your suspension strap to a massive variety of anchors so you can workout almost anywhere.

Regular Price $16

3. APT Suspension Strap Education Program
Step by step instructions to anchor your APT Suspension Strap anywhere, scale the resistance to your ability, instruction for individual exercises, progressive full body workout modules that can fit into any amount of time.

Regular Price $39

The total value of these three elements is $170.
I am making the AdvoCare family an
Exclusive and Unprecedented Offer… for a limited time.

Only $59!

Plus US Post Priority shipping and handling.

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So Let’s Recap:

  • Convenience – Be the master of your time, fit your fitness into your life
  • Cost – Save 100’s of dollars of expensive equipment and gym memberships.
  • State of the art design – Enjoy training with more versatility, create a more effective progression, train for your specific needs.
  • Time effective – Best bang for your time investment buck, we respect your time
  • Low impact training — Never feel sore, always feel invigorated afterward. (Smart training does not wear out your joints with unproductive amounts of mindless repetition)
  • Portable – Enjoy training in inspiring places

PLUS You Get All Three!

1. Anchor Point Training Suspension Strap

2. APT Double Loop Anchor Strap

3. APT Suspension Strap Education Program.

Act now, before the February 28th deadline!

It’s a $170 value that you get for a total of only $59
plus US Post Priority shipping and handling

BONUS for acting now!

In addition to saving over $100 on an amazing package, you’ll also receive exclusive access to 8 weekly live training webinars with personal coaching from yours truly!

These webinar sessions will start the first week of January, no mistake we are committed to your success!

Invest your time wisely!

Enjoy training, enjoy vitality, enjoy life more, enjoy more life.

The best investment you will ever make is in your health.

Our guarantee is simple – If you are not completely satisfied you can return your equipment, no questions asked, anytime in the first 60 days for a full refund.

Buy Now For Only $59!

Plus US Post Priority shipping and handling.

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“The APT method is such an incredible approach to creating functionally-based exercise movements and the tools are far superior to others I have found in the industry today. We incorporate the APT methods into the Functional Aging Specialist certification program and encourage all of our trainers to learn how to use these tools with their mature clients. The Functional Aging Institute is proud to fully endorse Anchor Point Training.”

Cody Sipe – PhD

“Chris energized the room when he presented the APT overview at the first NORCAL Fitness Summit in 2013. It’s really wonderful to see this concept progressed and now teachable with this program. Learning to train with anchored resistance is part of the evolution of training.”

Khaled ELmasri – Founder NORCAL Fitness Summit, Manager Bay Club San Francisco, Ca

“I was skeptical about the efficacy of trendy bands and straps but my mind has been opened to the endless possibilities that come from anchor point tools.

The Anchor Point Training Chris Severs developed have completely rocked my ideas about training and I have had Chris present his overview to my NASM students.

I now have begun training from the paradigm of utilizing progressive resistance for the benefit of all of my clients.”

Raul Joey Lopez – NASM teacher at California Healing Arts College Ignite Fitness Long Beach, Ca

“When we met for the first time in NJ it was so evident that you had a great idea and passion inside you. I am so happy that you are realizing your dream and helping many people with your Anchor Point Training products. It’s the struggle that makes it so rewarding. Cheers!”

Larry Wasserman – Body Basics Fitness, Warren, NJ

“Chris we really appreciate the time you have spent training with us and equipping us with these useful tools. Your anchors, bands and straps get well used here everyday.

Thank very very much, look forward to training with you when you are back in Montreal.”

Phillip Gelinas – Canadian Blackbelt Hall of Fame, Gelinas Academy of Mixed Martial Arts, Montreal, Quebec

Buy Now For Only $59!

Plus US Post Priority shipping and handling.

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