Anchor Point Training Tools

Thanks for checking out the APT Products page. These resistance training tools are designed for a variety of training needs and environments.

You can learn more on our Practice page and at @anchorpointtraining on IG or our Anchor Point Training Facebook page.

A library of exercises and workouts using 3.75/96 Band and APT Suspension Strap is available free on the FITBANX app.

We’ve recently added the APTĀ  Anchor Belt and a Leg Training Harness (LTH) for athletic/ training, and we have developed a new hip loop construction we are calling the S BAND (more on this patent pending design soon).

If you want to train with more vectors of, and connections to, resistance on your feet and have a sturdy pole, a training rig, wall anchors, or a door to anchor to, the 3.75/96 and the APT suspension strap are great tools to consider. These two tools offer two distinct types of scalable resistance, both with great versatility in connections to, and dimensions of, resistance.

If you are an athlete, the Prowler Loop and the 1,5/18 S BAND are a tremendous combination to train with.

The Prowler is designed for training power and reactive footwork, it is very safe for resisted sprints at the end range and provides bare skin comfort as a belt or harness. A truly next-level athletic training piece with great performance and injury prevention possibilities.

The 1.5/18 S BAND stays in place when worn over the knees and will not slip off the foot if worn around the ankles. This design provides a more useful and safer connection for a wide variety of footwork drills. How we connect with resistance, and how that resistance is anchored, are fundamental elements of the forces created.

A general note; longer bands have a more gradual change in resistance, wider bands have a slightly longer range and all webbing bands have a fixed end range at about 2X their resting length.

Webbing is the future of bands. The material offers bare skin comfort. It’s durable, safe, and washable, and the fixed-end range of webbing offers isometric training to provide convenient contrast training.

If you’re a trainer the APT education program is accredited with ISSA and The Functional Aging Institute, links to that here as well as some interesting workouts and interviews on the Practice tab.

We have personal training resources here and our free app on FITBANX continues to build out.

If you like to train with bands you will love our gear!

Feel free to email me with any questions.










  • 3.75 Unbreakable Band 96 – Heavy – Package

  • 3.75 Unbreakable Band 96 – Light – Package

  • 3.75 Unbreakable Band 60 – Light – Package

  • APT Suspension Strap – Pink

  • APT Suspension Strap

  • 4.0 Prowler Loop 96 Heavy

  • 3.75 Unbreakable Band 96 – Heavy

  • 4.0/96 Prowler Loop Medium

  • 3.75 Unbreakable Band 96 – Light

  • 3.75 Unbreakable Band 60 – Light

  • Anchor Belt

  • APT Leg Training Harness

  • S BAND 1.5/18 – Three Pack

  • APT Cable Handles

  • 3.0/50 Iso Band Heavy

  • 3.0/50 Iso Band Medium