Interview with Dennis Dunphy – innovator, educator and founder of Stick Mobility

The application of isometric/eccentric resistance is one of the leading edges of performance training. Today’s innovators are exploiting resisted tension and irradiation to train specific strength and ranges of motion.

I’ve learned a lot from three leaders, in particular, these last few years.


Dr. Joel Seedman of Advanced Human Performance has developed a deep system of training isometric strength that applies isometric and eccentric loading at 90-degree angles. 

David Weck, inventor of the BOSU, Pulsers and Weck Steps, evolved a deep practice using isometrics for training contralateral slings as reciprocating coiling springs.

Dennis Dunphy, founder of Stick Mobility has gone deep on using a specific approach to training with isometric resistance.

Understanding what Dennis teaches opens up the full potential of isometric training for a wide variety of needs. For me these three innovators’ approaches to isometric practice are parts of a whole, they connect, they inform and inspire me to apply their ideas to the tools I work with.

No mistake, from performance to rehab, learning how to apply isometric resistance effectively is valuable information.

I enjoyed our chat I hope you will as well, you can learn more about Dennis’ program here