Interview: David Weck – Tool Developer and Educator

If there’s a functional fitness leader the go heavy training world loves to hate on it’s this guy.

But then ya always hate on the other teams’ best player.

David Weck’s BOSU opened up a revolution in training 20 years ago. Today you will find this tool in almost every training room and clinic in the world.

Well used, misused and abused, loved and misunderstood, massive versatility, unique capabilities, and rugged, the BOSU is the “King of Functional Training Tools” or the root of all bad training depending on who you listen too.

I’m here to testify that learning how to train resistance in more dimensions, learning how to train resisted movement, learning how to train ground forces and quickness were the training approaches that allowed me to rehab injuries and stay competitive as a rugby player for the last 20 seasons of a 40-year career.

David has got a great story to tell and he’s evolved a brilliant new approach to gait training. He talks about that here and how he connected the dots to evolve this approach. This is, IMHO, state of the art stuff for running. It will also be controversial because once again David is forcing the training world to adapt to something he’s developed.

Besides the BOSU David’s other tool innovations include the RMT Club, Rolling Ropes, Weck Steps, and Pulsers. My fearless prediction is, as with the BOSU, the running program these tools support will become fundamental for every S&C coach.

You can get what he’s laying down without going down the rabbit hole of Chinese Medicine. That said the broader your understanding of different practices, and how people move and improve movement, the more you’ll see, in the overall, David Weck has figured some really important things out.

Enjoy the interview.