The Laughing Squat – the best warm up you are not doing :)

Ok I know there are going to be skeptics so let me start with the very scientific statement that everyone who has ever done this warm up has enjoyed it tremendously. Some  are hesitant to get started but by the end everyone agrees ! Laughing is a really enjoyable way to get the body ready for some movement.

The fact is laughter is very healthy for you for a number of reasons. I came to appreciate training laughter many years ago when I was part of an eight week laughter yoga course taught by Albert Nerenburg. It was a life changing experience, by the end I was delighted with how much more I laughed, I laughed more easily, my laughter was stronger and brought me more joy.

Since adding “Laughing Squats” to my morning routine I find once again, I laugh more often and more easily. Once again the principle of specific adaptation (SAID) has been demonstrated. Further to training better laughter the squats are very efficient at getting circulation warmed up by working the body’s largest muscles, this circulation effect is enhanced by the accentuated belly breathing and arm raising that is involved with this warm up. It is also clear laughing boosts endorphins which raises pain threshold, a very useful thing when you are exercising.

Working with laughter is a great way to make people aware of training mind and body together. Shared laughter will connect you more closely to whoever you are training with. Better connection throughout the workout with produce some sustained endorphin production and will simply make your workout more enjoyable.

Try it for week and see what you think, I like to vocalize all the vowels, trying long and short versions and changing the vocalization with every full repetition. This approach gives me something to focus on sets up nicely for about eight reps which means it’s quick, efficient and you will find after eight reps you will want to do a little more because it is starting to feel good. This is the perfect time to stop and move on, always leave them wanting more is a tried and true approach when it comes to laughing.

Check out this two minute video to see the Laughing Squat