What is Anchor Point Training?

Anchor Point Training is an evolving convenient, effective, smart approach to fitness. Anchor Point Training (APT) is about working functionally, mostly on your feet, using versatile dimensions of vectored resistance. Anchor Point training is about convenient enjoyable training where and when you want to train.

The state of the art tools you will find here have been patiently evolved through many generations of prototypes to become the next generation of functional training with anchored resistance of all kinds, these designs do more, way more.

The free Art of Anchor Point Training we are offering you is the definitive overview of this fitness approach that breaks down APT into the three fundamental elements you can use to create training that is versatile, progressive and above all effective. You will learn about integrating your connection and orientation to vectored resistance to effectively train full body movement patterns. The Art of Anchor Point Training is your guide to getting the most out of training with anchored resistance of all kinds. If you already have suspension or elastic resistance equipment this information will help you train more effectively.

Enjoy training smart, anywhere !