Neuro Cross Training Volume 1 Paperback


The exercises and workouts in this Neuro Cross Training program can complement your current training or activities or provide an effective training practice for your complete needs.

This collection of exercises and workouts has the intention of training physical and mental strength by creating and progressing physical and neurological challenges.

This program uses two distinct kinds of resistance to train ranges of motion with systematic variety aimed at both neurological and muscular demands. The exercises and workouts are done standing to maximize the coordinative demand of full body work. It’s worth noting as well that 70% of our proprioceptors are on the soles of our feet, ground forces matter. 

The program checks the following boxes for training effectiveness and sustainability.Every movement creates an integrated upper/lower body resistance demand. Every movement creates ground forces that need to be managed and can be exploited for all needs.

While the vocabulary of bands and suspension exercises have similar progressions they offer distinct and simply scalable types of resistance. This means related movement patterns can be learned, progressed in complexity and trained with different types of resistance.

This collection will train both physical and cognitive load by progressing work with resistance in bilateral and unilateral, upper and lower body movements using different patterns. This systematic progression of full body standing exercises using two distinct kinds of resistance can be done at different work rates to train different metabolic needs.

Each workout adds a new dimension of work, the exercises and workouts progress capability and coordination systematically.

✔︎  Adaptation variety with two types of resistance for muscle and bone mass.

✔︎  Versatile vectors of resistance for broader adaptation demands and specific needs.

✔︎  Variable work rates for scalable versatile metabolic training.

✔︎  Integrated full body work for coordination and time efficiency.

✔︎  Progressive movement combinations and patterns for cognitive load.

✔︎  Versatile ground forces for balance and performance.

✔︎  Low impact for safety, recovery, and sustainability.

This collection is the first volume, there will be more to come on general training progressions,  as well as specific needs programming for rehabilitation and performance

This program does not require perfect form to work. The movements will progress with practice and simple cues. The lines of work and fluidity of practice will evolve.

Before starting your first workout read the library section introductions and check the exercises to see how the patterns progress. The workouts are organized in 4, 8, and 20 movements. Notes on the numbered workouts at the end will help you decide where to start and help you get the most from each workout. If you want to log your workouts by their numbers to track your volume, consistency, and progress there’s a daily log section at the end.

Neuro Cross Training Volume 1 includes 97 exercises and 46 workouts. The eBook workouts are designed to be printed out on 8.5/11 pages if you want to use them as posters or simply prefer to work that way. We also have an app of the same program launching in March. Purchasing the eBook will get you free access to that as well.