3.75 Unbreakable Band 60 – Light


Developed for professional use in Boot Camps, athletic training rooms and for medical fitness. High-quality materials, American-made, designed for durable comfort and function.  A large free digital library of exercises and workouts can get you started. Download the FITBANX app free on Google or Apple. We also offer you free access to an awesome team of trainers and therapists for live online coaching on our Find a Trainer page.

Enjoyable Efficient Full Body Resistance Training – Train functional strength, train mind and body, train for performance in sports like golf, tennis, soccer, or baseball or use to rehab an injury or operation. Enjoy training full body resisted movement on your feet to build stronger more coordinated movement efficiently. 

Unique Custom-Molded Double-Wide Handles – Adjustable on our Unbreakable Wide Webbing Bands these unique handles were developed over 5 generations for more connection versatility and comfort. Use them to train single or double-handed, close or cross grip to train grip or wrist strength. Particularly useful for training sports-specific needs and rehab. Professionally developed with washable rubber handle coating, more durable and sanitary than foam handles.

Unbreakable Wide Elastic Webbing – 5′ x 3.75″ wide webbing material offers tremendous durability and comfort and 15-42 LBS of resistance over an 8′ range. This material will never snap dangerously or pinch like a rubber band. This 5′ elastic webbing band is ideal for training in smaller spaces. The end carabiners can be clipped to eye hooks, the end loops are designed to anchor with hook anchor systems like the Anchor Gym.  When used with the Hi/Lo Door anchor strap this piece connected to the anchor loops fits snugly on the door so it won’t drag and can be left installed without affecting door function.